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After the release of chapter number 368 of My Hero Academiathe final battle between the heroes and the villains finally began. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki face off in the battle that could be final.

The war begins a new phase: Izuku was finally able to make his way to the battlefield of the academy. Other heroes faced the villain, however, now that Izuku has appeared, he will try to make it all end quickly to stop the bloodshed.

The second user intimidated by mentioning that Izuku’s quirk is so strong that he only has one utility. Also, it only unties her when there are no other alternatives. However, we still did not know what this devastating power of One For All could be.

But, that changed in the latest installment:

My Hero Academia 368 Weekly Shonen Jump
Source: Weekly Shonen Jump
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Source: Weekly Shonen Jump

In chapter number 368 of My Hero Academiawe finally saw Izuku face Shigaraki, in addition, the peculiarity of the second user was revealed.

The 368th installment of My Hero Academia picks up the story from when Izuku meets Shigaraki face to face and undertakes new plans of attack. He uses all of the powers together to produce new types of moves.

For his part, the second user urges Izuku to use his quirk, because it is imperative that the fight ends in less than five minutes, otherwise it could be the end of the war for the heroes.

Well, the quirk is called “Transmission” and it consists of changing the speed of a target when it is touched.

My Hero Academia in chapter 368 he shows a peculiarity that was accumulated within All For One for decades, it’s a kind of optimization: with each hit he lands on the villain, Shigaraki starts moving faster and faster.

Izuku speeds up with each new punch—and even seems to be moving faster than the speed of sound. The strongest final blow comes at the end of the chapter.

However, we don’t know yet if it will work. We will have to wait for the new installment to know more.

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When does the sixth season of My Hero Academia come out?

The sixth installment of the anime was released on October 1, it is now available on Crunchyroll.

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