My Hero Academia: 5 Avengers Izuku Would Team Up With (& 5 He Wouldn’t)

My Hero Academia is inspired by many classic shonen anime series and superhero comic series, which means that many characters of MHA they could easily join an existing superhero team, like the Justice League, the X-Men, or the Avengers. The protagonist Izuku Midoriya would gladly join any of those teams to help them save the day.

Izuku is a melee-oriented hero with the power of the One for All, and he also has a keen tactical mind and the pure heart of a selfless and courageous superhero. He could be an intern for the Avengers in the MCU, and he could choose which Avengers to fight and which not to fight. Which particular Avengers would make good teammates for him, and why?

10 GOOD COMPANIONS OF AVENGERS: Hawkeye can watch Izuku’s back from afar

Izuku is a close-range specialist, and while he has innovated some ranged attacks, he prefers to leave the ranged combat to a teammate. In his own universe, he could count on Yuga Aoyama for the job, and among the Avengers, he would choose Hawkeye, the archer, as his backup.

Hawkeye simply never misses, and has a wide variety of arrows with special properties, such as explosive arrowheads or electric shocks. Hawkeye can take down any villain who gets too close to Izuku to clear the way for a Smash attack.

9 BAD AVENGER TEAMMATE: Hulk works best alonemy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 1

It’s not easy to find someone who’s a good teammate for the Incredible Hulk, although the mighty Thor could keep up with him. Most of the time, the Incredible Hulk is better off fighting solo, so he can take a beating and trash the place on his own.

Most potential teammates would be caught in the crossfire, or would be redundant with the Hulk’s immense strength. Izuku would not like the Hulk’s chaotic methods and would avoid him during battle. Izuku doesn’t want to be hit by a huge chunk of rubble.

8 GOOD COMPANION OF AVENGERS: Captain America can protect you from any harmmy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 2

Captain America would make a great teammate for a wide variety of heroes, and for a number of reasons. Captain America is brave and loyal, and also has keen tactical skills that even surpass those of Izuku and Momo Yaoyorozu. Izuku wouldn’t mind taking orders from him as a battle buddy.

Best of all, Captain America can shield Izuku’s flank with his star shield, giving Izuku time to charge up and launch a devastating Smash attack. If pressed, Captain America can also launch his shield to take out enemies from afar.

7 BAD AVENGER TEAMMATE: Ant-Man’s tactics are too weird for Izukumy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 3

Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, is a quirky superhero even by the standards of the MCU or My Hero Academia . He can use Hank Pym’s secret technology to shrink down to miniscule sizes, or he can expand into a giant. You can also resize other objects with thrown disks.

Izuku would be impressed, and Ant-Man’s gigantic size would remind him of the titanic hero Mt. Lady. However, Izuku is unprepared to include these powers in his battle plans, and shrinking down to the size of an ant doesn’t help him deliver a Detroit Smash. This will not work.

6 GOOD COMPANIONS OF AVENGERS: Vision is a better Yuga Aoyamamy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 4

The robotic superhero Vision was born during Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he also has the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead. Vision is capable of flight and can use super strength in battle, but that’s not all. With that Infinity Stone, he can also perform devastating ranged attacks with an energy beam.

This is roughly similar to Yuga Aoyama’s Navel Laser Quirk, but it is even more destructive, and Vision is much tougher than Yuga, and Yuga cannot fly like Vision can. If Izuku worked with Yuga, he would definitely work with Vision as well.

5 AVENGERS ‘BAD COMPANION: Bucky Barnes lacks enough firepowermy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 5

Bucky Barnes is Steve Rogers’ best friend, but during his time in the Soviet Union he transformed into the Winter Soldier, an elite agent with deadly abilities and a metal left arm. Eventually, the two friends reunited as allies, and Bucky lent his firepower to the Avengers cause during the battle for Wakanda.

Izuku would be intrigued by this Avenger, but he doesn’t really need Bucky’s help. Bucky’s melee power can’t be compared to a Smash, and Izuku already has Vision and Hawkeye for ranged support. You won’t need any help from Bucky’s assault rifles.

4 GOOD COMPANION OF AVENGERS: Falcon can give Izuku wingsmy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 6

Sam Wilson aka Falcon doesn’t have enough firepower to keep up with One For All, nor does he have supernatural powers of his own. But that’s not what Izuku needs from him. Depending on the terrain and mission parameters, Izuku would want Falcon to be part of his team because the latter flies.

Falcon’s high-tech wings can quickly transport him to and from any destination, and he could carry Izuku to deliver him to a high-priority target or help Izuku escape a difficult situation, such as a ruined building. In some cases, survival is guaranteed only if someone can fly.

3 Bad AVENGERS teammates: Iron Man is too busy to helpmy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 7

In theory, the invincible Iron Man is the ideal teammate for Izuku, as he can fly like Falcon and Vision, and can use a wide variety of ranged attacks. However, in a real battle against numerous opponents, Iron Man would be too busy fighting to bother helping Izuku.

Iron Man sometimes covers his allies, but given his power and lone wolf demeanor, he tends to go after the strongest enemies and focus all his attention on them. Izuku prefers to have a teammate who is more available to watch his back.

2 GOOD AVENGER COMPANIONS: Black Panther also prefers close combatmy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 8

Black Panther is the beloved King of Wakanda and its number one defender, and he has a suit to match. T’Challa’s vibranium suit protects him from almost any damage, and the suit also comes with sharp claws to claw at the enemy. Some models can even absorb and redirect energy.

If Izuku asked him to, Black Panther would support him in a fierce hand-to-hand battle, such as if the two of them are surrounded by a whole mob of monsters or enemy soldiers. Black Panther can attract the attention of enemies, and then Izuku can finish them off with a Smash. The Black Panther suit will protect you from becoming collateral damage in the process.

1 BAD AVENGER TEAMMATE: Thor doesn’t need Izuku’s helpmy hero academia 5 vengadores con los que izuku formaria equipo y 5 con los que no 9

Thor succeeded his father Odin as king of Asgard, being the former prince of the kingdom. Thor is also a powerful Avenger, and he also learned some humility during his stay on Earth. Now, he is a very complete fighter with a wide variety of powers, mainly hammer attacks and devastating lightning storms.

Most opponents don’t stand a chance against Thor, and Izuku would quickly pick up on that. Thor can easily outshine Izuku in most fighting, so Izuku would rather team up with someone closer to his own power level to create a balanced duo. Thor can take care of himself.