My Hero Academia: 5 curiosities about All Might, the symbol of justice

My Hero Academia“It has a huge number of characters, but obviously as in every show there are always some more important than others. Although today it has taken a huge step back for obvious reasons, All Might It was a character that at the beginning of the story left us with the most impressive moments of everything that Kouhei Horikoshi has created. And that is why I have decided today look for a few curious things about a huge hero like few others.

All Might, a hero whose design changed a lot

Just like what happened with Izukuthe truth is All Might also saw his design modified with respect to Kouhei Horikoshi’s initial idea.. Before I get into the details, I’ll leave you with an image showing what the character looked like in his early concepts (via fandom):

And now that you’ve been able to take a look at it, I tell you four things about the changes:

  • Initially, All Might was going to be a much older hero how we met him. That is, the idea was that she had a few more years on top.
  • Likewise, Kouhei Horikoshi I didn’t want him to be such a relevant character either how it ended up being In the origins of My Hero Academia, he was a character whose presence was mostly about encouraging Izuku to become a hero, but without as much depth as we saw in the finished product.
  • All this caused Horikoshi-sensei’s editors even told him that his original idea for All Might was pretty lame, and that he had to make a character that imposed much more. And so we come to the ultimate All Might.

All Might’s real name, reflecting his role

As with so many other “My Hero Academia” characters, All Might’s real name It is a reflection of the character itself:

  • To start, ya-gi can be broken down into the kanjis meaning ‘eight’ and ‘tree’alluding to him being the eighth bearer of the One For All in the chain.
  • Likewise, it also continues with a toshi-nori referring to ‘genius’ and ‘law’in theory referring to being a hero without equal and the paradigm of good.
  • all this together perfectly captures the essence of Yagi Toshinoriwhom we all know better as All Might.
all might akls

His Gift, a mystery even at its peak

There was a bygone era of “My Hero Academia”, which we’ve seen flashes of here and there, in which All Might established himself as ‘The Symbol of Justice’. He was an absolutely incredible hero, followed around the world… and yet his Quirk remained a mystery.. Yes, everyone saw that he possessed enormous and totally superhuman strength, which enabled him to undertake tasks that no other hero was capable of. However, it was NEVER determined that his Quirk was, in fact, the One For All.

all might my hero academia

Oddly enough, he is not a particularly popular character

Personally, All Might fascinated me at first, and again I comment that he has some of the most incredible moments of everything that “My Hero Academia” has shown to date. Not only speaking in terms of action anymore, but also because of what he represented on a character level and how he represented it. Despite this, the truth is that he has never been a VERY popular figure to say:

  • In the first My Hero Academia popularity poll, All Might came in first. fifth position.
  • In the second poll, it dropped to the sixth.
  • In the third survey he emphasized the seventh.
  • In the fourth poll it fell to tenth square.
  • In the fifth poll it was already out of the top 10, with a position 13.

Obviously, with the passage of time the relevance of All Might has gone lessSo it’s only logical that his figure is one that “My Hero Academia” fans have less and less in mind.

all might blood

The best carrier of the One For All to date

There’s a reason All Might achieved massive fame with One For All, and that’s because it was literally the best bearer of the gift in his entire existence. Absolutely no other wielder of One For All lasted that long with it, and by that long I’m referring to the 40 years All Might banged with it. Of course, we still don’t know how Deku’s story will end, but at first All Might’s bar was higher than anyone else’s.

All Might My Hero Academia

And so far the curiosities that I have found about All Might, a character that I will always remember fondly from “My Hero Academia” for being one of those who really hooked me on the work. He may be a very secondary figure now, but nothing will take away that legendary match he had with All For One.

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