My Hero Academia: 5 curiosities about Bakugo, the ‘bad milk’ of the anime

My Hero Academia” has a HUGE cast of characters, and the truth is that it only expands as new heroes and villains emerge. However, there is a clear core of central characters that many have known for quite a few years now. this core is found in the figure of Bakugo, Deku’s volatile rival and friend who keeps more than one interesting secret under his person.

That is precisely what I want to unravel today: a series of curiosities (via fandom) about the character that surely piqued the curiosity of more than one. there i go:

Bakugo wasn’t always the ‘aggressive’ guy from My Hero Academia

This may surprise more than one, but if today even Bakugo is someone impossible to imagine without his screaming and bad blood, the truth is that it was not always like that originally. In Horikoshi-sensei’s early designs it was a character who yes, insulted everyone, but he did it unconsciously and without showing the aggressiveness that characterizes him today.

However, as time passed, Horikoshi-sensei grew dissatisfied with this idea. That’s why, Instead of making him someone who spoke without thinking, he decided to directly make him the aggressive figure he is today.. In the following design you can see that his facial expression already had nothing to do with it:

His hero name was also different

Not only did Bakugo’s character change before “My Hero Academia” was properly released, but his distinctive hero name had nothing to do either. While the one that is known is a clown of the level ‘Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight‘, the original was much simpler: groundzero. The truth, being as it is today, hits him much more than we have to be honest.


His real name fully reflects who he is

Everybody knows the name of Katsuki Bakugo. But why is it called that? Well if one dissects it The truth is that you have few doubts:

  • Bakuwhich in Japanese means ‘bomb’.
  • Gowhich in Japanese means ‘powerful/mighty’.
  • Katsuwhich in Japanese means ‘win’.
  • Kiwhich in Japanese refers to ‘oneself’.

As an additional curiosity, it is also known that the first kanji used to write ‘Bakugo’ is the same as in the Japanese word ‘bakuha’, which means explosion. Come on, a Japanese can tell you exactly what the character is about just by listening to what his name is.

Kacchan has a very special personality

He is by far the best student in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo may have a horrible and even inappropriate character to be a hero. However, the truth is that he is one of the best students from the UA academy:

  • He was the first in the entrance exam to UA
  • He placed third in Don’s apprehension test.
  • He was third in the quarterly exams.
  • He was the winner in the UA sporting event

So, if anyone has in mind that he had to repeat that mythical exam with Todoroki to get his provisional hero license, remember that it is actually a trained genius to be consistently among the best in its category.


He is a tremendously popular character in My Hero Academia.

Honestly, I personally can’t say that his yelling-at-everything nature is one that appeals to me too much. Nevertheless, Japanese and Americans are in love with the characterand this is demonstrated by the data of multiple popularity polls carried out for “My Hero Academia”:

  • In the first popularity poll conducted in Japan, he came in third place.
  • From the second to the seventh popularity poll, he took the first position in the voting.
  • In the USA, it was in fifth position when the first survey was conducted.
  • Later, in the second, fourth and fifth popularity polls in the USA, he also took the first position in the ranking.
bakugo my hero academia

And this is all I have for you regarding Bakugo from “My Hero Academia” friends. Personally, I think that what catches my attention the most is how well made the name is with respect to the character, although I’m not going to deny that that calmer Bakugo from the beginning seems very curious to me. In any case, I hope that he has found all this interesting to more than one.

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