My Hero Academia: 5 curiosities about Todoroki, Katy Perry’s hero

My Hero Academia“It has its clear protagonist in Izuku Midoriya, there is no doubt about that, but from the beginning of the anime/manga a couple of heroes were also placed in a VERY central position: Bakugo and Todoroki. Today after do the right thing with the firstI have to decide dig a little About the boy who lives like the Katy Perry song Hot n’ Cold and see what interesting tidbits could I end up finding (Have I carried the joke too far? Perhaps, but with pleasure.)

Todoroki’s name, a reflection of his character in My Hero Academia

If something has become clear with Kouhei Horikoshi, it is that the names of his characters are, on many occasions, a reflection of how they act as a hero. There is no exception with Todoroki.

  • The surname Todoroki contains in Japanese a kanji interpretable as ‘roar or a roaring fire‘, quite representative of its ability to produce flames.
  • As for his name, Shoto, it is also related to his powers. ‘Sho’ is interpreted as ‘ablaze‘, while ‘to’ like ‘frozen‘.
  • Together, the first and last name ‘Shouto Todoroki‘ expresses the dual nature of the character’s Quirk.

He was, supposedly, one of the first characters to be created in My Hero Academia

Although it seems not to be 100% confirmed (although it is collected in one of the volumes of My Hero Academia), Todoroki was supposedly the first character to be created with UA class 1-A in mind.. They are ahead of him, yes, Izuku, Bakugo and Ochaco, although only because they were created by Kouhei Horikoshi even before deciding the student context of the work. As we move into the main class, Todoroki definitely seems to have been the first to be ‘born’.

todoroki my hero academia

Todoroki is one of the best students at UA

From the beginning of “My Hero Academia”, Todoroki stood out as one of the best students. This is something that can be reflected in their academic results:

  • He received the second highest grade on the recommendation exam to enter the UA academy
  • He had the fifth best mark in the interterm exams from class 1-A.
  • got the second best mark in the gift apprehension test.
  • He was the main favorite to win the freshman sports festivaland at the end of it received 4123 votes from the pro heroes, this being the most votes for a student from class 1-A.
Todoroki 1

He is also one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

Todoroki not only stands out as one more student, but also on a character level also falls in love with a large part of the audience from “My Hero Academia”:

  • His best position in manga popularity polls is a second place, which he repeated in the first and fourth poll.
  • On the other occasions, with polls 2,3,5 and 7, Todoroki has always ranked as the third most popular character. That is to say, he is consistently among the most loved characters by fans of Horikoshi-sensei’s work.
todoroki cosplay woman

It is believed that he has a curious genetic anomaly

By now whoever hasn’t noticed that Todoroki he has eyes of two different colors (and especially his hair) I can only recommend an oculist, I am very sorry, and it is that said anomaly of the character could derive from an actual genetic disorder. We are talking about chimerismwhich means that a living being can have two different types of cells and each with its own genetic makeup.

Obviously, there could be more explanations as to why Todoroki has two colored eyes, but given the dual nature of his Quirk and how it expresses itself both physically and through his powersIt is a possibility that has been raised on many occasions.

Shoto is one of the most beloved characters in anime.

And this is all for now as far as what I have come to offer you about Todoroki. Between now and the end of “My Hero Academia” (although certainly not much remains) it is possible that some more peculiarity is still revealed for the character. In any case, If there was more chicha to throw away, I would come by again to leave you more little things like this.

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