My Hero Academia: 8 Things About All Might You Didn’t Know

Here are some of the things you may not know about All Might.

In the development of the plot of My Hero Academia, they show us much of All Might’s story for obvious reasons, and that is that this hero Number 1 and Symbol of Peace becomes the mentor of the protagonist Midoriya. Throughout the seasons they have explained much more in depth all about the power of One For All and why it is so important that it passes from generation to generation.

Toshinori Yagi has many admirers and there are many interesting things about him that are shown in the anime, but there are also some details you probably don’t know yet of this hero. Next, we leave you a list of the most striking curiosities of this beloved character from Boku no Hero Academia.

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All Might sketches

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia’s All Might Preliminary Sketches Revealed

All Might is undoubtedly one of the most recognized characters in the franchise, but in its early days It was nothing like the way it looks today.. Previously, this character’s design had a different style and he was shown as an older, wise, and calm person. However, Horikoshi’s publishers felt that this character had to be much more imposing and show great energy to draw the necessary attention as “Symbol of Peace” and Hero Number 1. Therefore, they decided to create a younger, stronger, and smiling version, thus achieving what we know today as All Might.

He did not have a gift of birth

My Hero Academia

All Might is the only one to have defeated All For One twice in a row.

In My Hero Academia, most of the people who inhabit the planet have a quirk, and Toshinori Yagi was part of the small percentage not born with powersJust like Izuku Midoriya. Therefore, the strength he acquired with the One For All was enhanced by him thanks to his movements and training.

Bug with All Might’s scar

My Hero Academia

There is a bug with All Might’s scar in My Hero Academia

Originally All Might had the scar on the left side chest, while in the anime it is mistakenly shown on the left side of his stomach. Something peculiar about this is that All Might maybe does not drink alcohol due to said injury in the stomach.

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The things that All Might likes the most

My Hero Academia

All Might would be an unrivaled Symbol of Peace in My Hero Academia

All Might is an energetic person who is not afraid to show your tastes and emotions. However, there are some interesting things they are not mentioned during the plot of the animeso here are some of the things he loves the most:

  • Films.
  • Yakushima Cedars.
  • Mail notification of “An email has arrived!”, and phone “Here’s a phone call!”, said for himself.
  • Fight crime.
  • Say your special moves at full volume.

His techniques are called by states of the United States

All Might

All Might performs his last United States of Smash in My Hero Academia

Just as his suit is based on the colors of the flag of the United Statestheir also have a lot to do with this country, and it is that these movements have obtained names of states of the United States (forgive the redundancy), such as the following:

  • California smash.
  • Caroline Smash.
  • Detroit Smash.
  • Missouri Smash.
  • Nebraska Smash.
  • New Hampshire Smash.
  • Oklahoma Smash.
  • Texas smash.
  • United States of Smash.

He is the only carrier still alive.

My Hero Academia

All Might has been the longest-serving wielder using the One For All in My Hero Academia.

Toshinori has stood out among the bearers of One For All for his incredible actions and for being the only one who has remained alive after giving power to his successor. Also, he is the only one who has been able to defeat All For One twice consecutive, but that is thanks to the improvements that the One For All received when it passed through the previous carriers. As if that were not enough, he has also been the one who has had the quirk the longestbeing a total of forty years of use.

All Might Hero Agency Location

My Hero Academia

All Might gives a conference with his students in My Hero Academia

Like other recognized professional heroes, All Might also has his own agency, only it has not been mentioned, nor has it been shown on the screen. This establishment would be somewhere in Roppongi in Minato, Tokyo.

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