My Hero Academia: 8 times class 1-B was better than 1-A

During the series My Hero AcademiaThere are two classes at UA that are the most memorable. The first is class 1-A, which Deku and his friends enter, and the other is class 1-B. Even though they are all in the Heroes course, the classes don’t spend any time interacting with each other.

When class 1-B is presented, students reveal that they are willing to outperform class 1-A. After this revelation, the students end up entering more and more contests with each other. While Class A is more focused on doing their best, Class 1-B, mainly Monoma, seems more focused on beating Class 1-A in any competition or comparison.

8 All class 1-B passed the licensing exam

When the students entered the licensing exam, class 1-A and class 1-B were separated. While Class 1-B took the exam in one location, Class 1-A did it in another. After participating in the exam, neither Bakugo nor Todoroki got their licenses because they did not get enough points in the second test.

As a result, only eighteen of the twenty students in class 1-A were licensed. Unlike the students in class 1-A, those in class 1-B obtained their licenses without anyone failing. One of the students in class 1-B, Monoma, made sure to point out how class 1-B got more licenses than class 1-A.

7 The class 1-B team beat the class 1-A team in a matchmy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 1

In one of the contests between class 1-A and class 1-B, the team representing class 1-B in the second round defeated the team of class 1-A. In this battle, Yoayorozu and his team faced Kendo and his team. Using Comicman’s Quirk, Kendo broke the students from the Class 1-A team.

Thanks to this division, Kendo was able to defeat Yoayoroza while his teammates faced off against the other members of the team. Kendo and his team also used the Quirks from the Class 1-A team against them. Despite the Class 1-A teams defeating the Class 1-B team overall, Class 1-B won a round against Class 1-A.

6 Class 1-B has received fewer attacks than Class 1-Amy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 2

Although class 1-A and class 1-B go to the same school, they do not have the same experiences. An example of different experiences is the participation of class 1-A in attacks. While Class 1-B only seems to have ended up in a major attack at summer camp, Class 1-A has been involved in attacks or dangerous situations multiple times.

For example, Class 1-A was attacked by the League of Villains first because the League was after All Might. Also, when the League attacked the summer camp, he was after a student from class 1-A, and class 1-B were in the same camp.

5 Class 1-B was able to study without distractionsmy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 3

Class 1-B had received fewer attacks and was more eager to beat Class 1-A. Consequently, the students in class 1-B tried hard to study enough to beat those in class 1-A. This momentum is shown in the exercise in which class 1-A and class 1-B compete.

As Aizawa pointed out, Class 1-A has more practice when it comes to fighting, but Class 1-B used their studies to bridge the gap between Class 1-A and Class 1-B’s fighting experience. As a result, the Class 1-B teams made sure to put up a good fight against the Class 1-A teams.

4 Class B was able to tie with Todoroki’s teammy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 4

After defeating the Class 1-A team once, the Class 1-B team had to fight Todoroki and Iida. As shown at the sports festival, Todoroki has two powerful elemental Quirks. As a result, it would be difficult for the Class 1-B team to fight them. However, Class 1-B was able to knock out Todoroki, leaving Iida alone in battle.

A student, Pony Tsunotori, from class 1-B was able to tie with class 1-A wasting time. Although Pony Tsunotori did not win over Class 1-A, she recognized her and Iida’s abilities. Then she made the best of the situation, even though Iida was more experienced than she.

3 Class 1-B meets standards better than Class 1-Amy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 5

During their first school year, Class 1-A tended to get into a lot of trouble, especially Deku. Sometimes these problems involved breaking the rules of not fighting villains. However, while the students in Class 1-A got into fights with each other or with the villains, the students in Class 1-B followed the rules more than those in Class 1-A.

However, when the students from Class 1-B went to fight the League in the camp, they ended up getting permission from Aizawa. Thanks to this permission, Kendo and his classmate were able to fight one of the villains. Since they defeated the villain, the fog disappeared and stopped putting them in danger.

2 Class 1-B defeated several teams from Class 1-A at the sports festivalmy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 6

One of the first contests in which class 1-A and class 1-B competed was the sports festival. In the second round of this festival, a team of students had to score points by snatching headbands. While the most obvious part of the round was about Deku and his massive amount of points, some B-Class students were able to get enough points to enter the third round.

As for the students in class 1-A, some went to the second part of the contest, but some students in class 1-B outperformed others in class 1-A and went to the third round.

1 A student from class 1-B beat a student from class 1-Amy hero academia 8 veces que la clase 1 b fue mejor que la 1 a 7

In the third round of the sports festival, Kaminari fought a class 1-B student, Ibara Shiozaki. While Kaminari had an Electric Quirk, his opponent was able to control or grow his hair, which was vines. In this battle, Kaminari used a lot of electricity, but his opponent was able to block his wave of electricity with a strong group of lianas.

Once Shiozaki escaped the electricity, he attacked by burying his lianas underground and then attempted to capture Kaminari. Due to its powerful blast, Kaminari was unable to escape Shiozaki’s attack. Once captured, she defeated him.