My Hero Academia: A cosplayer honors the character Dabi

My Hero Academia once again makes a niche for himself in the world of cosplay. If a few days ago we knew one dedicated to Froppy, on this occasion the protagonist has been Dabi. Cosplayer Black Millow has shared her creation on her Instagram, imagining a new version of this villain by exchanging his characteristic blue flames for a more ice-like power. That leaves us a villain who bets on white and gold colors for her outfit.

Dabi de My Hero Academia also receives a cosplay

“Here we go again with a white dabi inspired by the art of @axii_riv“, writes Black Millow in the message that accompanies the photograph, linking the artist who has imagined what Dabi would be like away from the dark tones that characterize his design.” I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me to do this character. Thank you very much and welcome to the six new ones around here! “

And who is Dabi? His real name is Toya Todoroki and he is one of the most important secondary antagonists of My Hero Academia. As a villain within this universe, he is part of the League of Villains and is one of the lieutenants of Tomura Shigaraki’s Paranormal Liberation Front. His powers, called Don of Dabi, consist of bluish fires that reach over 1300C.

Dabi blanco, a new version of the villain from My Hero Academia

Meanwhile, fans are waiting to enjoy the new episodes of My Hero Academia. The sixth season aims to debut in October 2022, which still leaves time for fans to continue to ponder the recent events seen. It should be noted that not everyone is happy with the pace that the series and manga are taking, and they defend that perhaps production should put the brakes on a bit.

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