My Hero Academia: A vigilante Deku takes to the streets to take down the villains in this cosplay | Spaghetti Code

The final arc of the manga My Hero Academia is in broadcast and we witnessed the darker side of our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya or also known as Deku, since we saw how the character has grown and became a vigilante.

Is transformation It gave a lot to talk about, as it showed how Deku began to take on the burden by mastering the power of One For All on his own, as well as continuing to fight until he reached exhaustion and being under constant pressure, which led him to transform into someone dark, but this version has come to life thanks to this incredible cosplay.

Deku a vigilante of the streets

Through his Instagram account, the cosplayer Rage Gear Drops shared this version of Midoriya, in which he transmits all the power and fear that this young hero carries, as he battles the League of Villains and the power of All For One on his own.

Source: Instagram @ragegearprops

In the shared photo series, it can be displayed as the cosplayer I respect every piece of the suit that Deku wears in his darkest version, since we can see changes in his outfit compared to how we saw this character in the first 5 seasons of the anime. That is, he accompanies his outfit with a yellow cape torn from the bottom.

Source: Instagram @ragegearprops

Meanwhile, something that characterized Deku vigilant was the mask he used, which also underwent a transformation by having all the power of One For All and that fans were undoubtedly delighted, since even the suit looked like that of a more mature hero, maybe we can assume that this is how Izuku really wanted his suit to look from the beginning.

The final arc of the manga continues to explore the consequences of the war between heroes and villains, however, it seems that an even greater conflict is yet to come, but while the fans from My Hero Academia They wait to see what will happen in the future, now they wonder what they can see about this war in the sixth season confirmed from the anime.


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