My Hero Academia: All Might is designed in the style of DC Comics’ Teen Titans

If there is something that most of the current animes share (not all) it is the characteristics in regards to animation. The projects have practically the same artistic cut and that means that sometimes, especially for the public not experienced in this field, it is difficult to differentiate which characters belong to each product. It doesn’t work exactly like Western animation and comics, where each work has a unique style with a different authorial stamp. Dan Hipp, via Twitter, the art director of Teen Titans GO!, one of the DC Comics fictions that we highly recommend, has now imagined what would All Might look like (from My Hero Academia) with your signature.

Wow, a version of All Might has been made in the style of DC Comics, which means, in a way, that the character has been ripped from the pages of Kōhei Horikoshi to transfer it to the world of the bat of Gotham and see how it would be in these dimensions. We leave it to you right now so you can see what the character looks like:

All Might GO!

It is simply spectacular to see how the essence of the mega-muscular characters of the anime world is extracted and represented in a way more common to viewers on this side of the world. All Might has lost all that muscle here that almost made him just another member of Marcus Phoenix’s delta squad in Gears of War, and happens to be the size of a much more normal superhero. With a slightly lower touch and something more childish, everything is said, but it is nothing to write home about considering that it has been done with the style of Teen Titans.

Remember that My Hero Academia is approaching its final stretch with surprising speed, which is not exciting the fans at all because the arcs of the characters are opening and closing very quickly. All Might, in fact, was the protagonist in the last few times because revealed what plan he had to end All For One and his monster attached.