My Hero Academia: All Might reveals his plan to take down All For One and Shigaraki

Attention! If you have not read My Hero Academia 340 manga then do not continue reading this text, because it contains spoilers about the main plot.

The sleeve of Boku No Hero is getting closer and closer to completion and the pages continue their process of leading the characters, and the readers, to the final battle between the heroes and All For One and Shigaraki, who have now been joined with a transformation that could even easily slip through the cracks. in the universe of Resident Evil (and more after seeing Welcome to Raccoon City, the feature film by Johannes Roberts that convinced us). At episode 340, All Might has made his strategy clear to finish off that two monsters that are now united. It is a simple plan, but it is not easy to execute: you have to separate the two villains. Pretty obvious, yes, but…

To what extent could the heroes achieve that?

If we put all the meat on the grill, we see that class 1-A is a bit rocky and its foundations are not exactly firm. Its foundations have been shaken after discovering, definitively, who the traitor was and the new additions, such as Shinso and the manga’s most beloved engineerThey don’t quite fit us. Basically because it seems that after insisting on working as a team and others, each one has been growing individually and their skills have been developed separately. that in a way makes it difficult for fights to take place as a team, despite the fact that they will surely be combined without problems as we have seen on previous occasions, with other stories such as Naruto, One Piece The Dragon Ball.

All Might’s plan is effective Undoubtedly, because separating the two villains allows the team of heroes to deal with them individually, facilitating confrontations. Divide and conquer. But the problem now comes with the how: How do you split that monster in two? It will be necessary to make an effective attack between several characters. All Might has all the numbers to be a kind of suicide who goes for it. We have already seen in the past that the current villains have a force with which they can easily charge the heroes, so we will have to be very careful. We’ll see what happens in that final stretch, but for now the strategy is a bit simple and it doesn’t quite take off. That shows how precipitously fast it is ending My Hero Academia