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Many are the characters of My Hero Academia that Kohei Horikoshi has created to tell us about his superhero epic, but none of us have admired so much as the committed and innocent representative of Class 1-A: Tenya Iida, known to criminals as Turbo Hero: Ingenium. This hero is one of the fastest we have seen, and thanks to his persevering spirit he has also become one of the most powerful. Because We loved this cosplay, as it has managed to faithfully portray the unshakable warrior.

The fastest hero in UA Academy!

It may seem harmless, but one touch from him is deadly | Image: NEShinryuu (DeviantArt)

Seeing NEShinryuu’s work, we notice that the artist has reduced the number of leaks in Tenya Iida’s hero costume Due to the complexity of making that this costume entailed, exposing the artist’s adaptability, since certainly his costume does not appear to be incomplete.

In this way we warn that with hair dye, a piece of spandex fabric and some intervened neoprene foam sheets, the cosplayer has managed to give life to one of the most emblematic characters of the Draws of My Hero Academia.

Tenya, quick, here comes the League of Villains! | Image: NEShinryuu (DeviantArt)

In the following photograph from the set of NEShinryuu we can see Tenya Iida fully ready to attack. Apparently in My Hero Academia season 5We know that a kick from this student can finish off the most seasoned. So maybe the best idea is not to disturb him.

He’s just doing his duty | Image: NEShinryuu (DeviantArt)

Some of the fights that Turbo Hero: Ingenium has starred in are already part of the top of the best fights in all My Hero Academia. That is why this character has become the favorite of many fans, and that is also why a few of the enthusiasts of Horikishi’s work delight us by cosplaying one of the U. A Academy’s mightiest warriors.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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