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The internet is full of many creative things, especially when it comes to fans of the anime, but on this occasion several fanarts that you surely did not expect and it is that it has combined the worlds of My Hero Academia and the latest Disney movie, Charm, so you will see members of the Madrigal family as you never imagined.

Charm tells the story of a Colombian family that has unique and special abilitiesWhile his story is having a great boom in Latin America, and since the Madrigal family is something special, a fan decided to put some characters in this movie as heroes, and this illustration shows you.

Madrigal Family with Quirks

Through Facebook, the Colombian artist Lalen Rasch shared part of her art, in which she combines My Hero Academia with Charm, first by putting Isabel Madrigal, whose heroine name would be Blosson Queen and its uniqueness would be the Plant Growth, which allows you to generate different forms of plants on any surface even make a storm of flowers.

Source: Lalen Rasch

In addition, Dolores Madrigal, another girl from Encanto, will be the heroine Miss Gossip, who will have the Hyper Ear Quirk and will allow him to hear sound frequencies that an ordinary human could not, in addition to being able to select which frequencies to listen to and which ones not.

Source: Lalen Rasch

And it is clear that he could not miss Luisa, the older sister of the family and who arrives in full force, as well as a great name, Wallbreaker, and that just like in the movie, his ability is super strength, in addition to having an impressive resistance.

Source: Lalen Rasch

Some of them could be part of the hero society, to protect humanity from the League of Villains, which seeks to do evil everywhere, as well as to end superheroes once and for all. Meanwhile, they could make an excellent team with some young people from the UA What did you think of this incredible fanart?


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