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The soccer championship held in Qatar bequeathed the 2022 World Cup to the Argentine team. Of course, Lionel Messi was one of the standout players in the competition. However, now we know that his fame reached the East for a long time, it was revealed that a character from My Hero Academia is inspired by the Argentine star.

Now, Messi is one of the most popular players in the world. On the other hand, the character of My Hero Academia he is also someone fabulous and quite admired by anime fans. The football player-inspired character is Hawksthe mighty flying hero.

This information was revealed by Honyasan, the editor of My Hero Academiain an interview for the Fifth Anniversary Project in 2019, in which he said that Hawks was inspired by Messi.

It seems that Honyasan is a big fan of soccer and he was the one who influenced the mangaka of My Hero Academia because, after learning about his hobby, little by little he began to consume more content on the subject, when they were together.

Hawks is a very important hero of My Hero Academia and it seems that he is inspired by the Argentinian player Lionel Messi.
Source: Studio Bones

In fact, Honyasan told him the story of Messi, in which he presents a player in need who, thanks to his talent, manages to position himself better and achieves a life with fewer difficulties. All thanks to his effort and talent. Although he had to make sacrifices, like moving and committing one hundred percent to his career.

After the editor told the story of Messi, is that the mangaka of My Hero Academia He meditated on it, later he told him that he had found it something very interesting. After two weeks, Hawks would hatch.

It’s amazing how the characters have such precise and contemporary influences.

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Where to see My Hero Academia?

You can watch the anime through Crunchyroll, has dubbing and subtitles. It has six seasons, the last one is still on the air.

It currently has 126 chapters in total.

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