My Hero Academia and the death of a prominent character. What will happen in the final battle?

Watch out, spoilers! This text contains spoilers about My Hero Academia, so if you are not up to date, with episode 334 passed through your retinas, or with the updated manga, you better stop reading.

My Hero Academia is turning into a real drama. The first few seasons were more focused on building characters and simmering the drama and story that surrounded them. However, these last seasons the series is moving too fast and the fiction is focusing more on offering unrestrained and unbridled action taking the lives of various prominent characters. One of them is the American superhero Star and Stripe. She traveled to Japan with the intention, if you remember correctly, to end All For One y Tomura Shigaraki.

However, the thing did not end too well and Star and Strip ended up losing its life. The fan debate has been based on the possible false death of the character, indicating that he will return for the great final battle that is being prepared for the sixth season of My Hero Academia. But sadly, it seems that the superhero is already more than dead and does not look like it will return anytime soon.

It is also rumored that Kohei Horikoshi, the author, has other types of objectives with this character, but of course it would not be an option to bring him back for that final battle that aims to be a sea of ​​destruction for many prominent anime characters, who until now seemed outstanding but may fall In a blink of an eye. Said combat will be something that the living will carry out … Or so we believe.

Final decision?

You never have to say “don’t drink this water”, and of course even less in the anime world that deaths and resurrections come and go (you just have to see for example Dragon Ball or Naruto, which are a true spectacle). My Hero Academia is right now unrecognizable, advancing its story at an impressive rate and loading, as you can see, characters who were initially prominent. Occur with anime the same as with Game of Thrones?