My Hero Academia and the worst endings the anime could have

My Hero Academia It is already in the final stretch. The story of Kōhei Horikoshi is right now at a critical point, with the protagonists pained to really discover who was the traitor, after we had a little initial hoax with the real name of the person responsible for passing information to All For One, and with some villains who seem to be stronger than ever and ready to end the lives of the heroes (in fact, there are already some other main character who has lost his life and that will come in handy in the final showdown).

Although fiction is advancing at the beats of a giant and it certainly isn’t working to everyone’s liking, My Hero Academia It has been an immense adventure that has expanded to cinematic places to continue to increase its lore and explain more concepts of its curious universe composed of unique gifts, powers and characters. However, it is time to prepare for that end, and there are already viewers who have imagined how to be that farewell in style. But, best of all, is that They are not “standard” endings, these are the worst you could have.

Endings that we would even like to see come true

From ComicBook some suggestions have been compiled on the possible climax that the anime could reach when the time comes (with Attack the titans It is more complicated, because you never know where the shots are going to go and even the worst can happen).

Some users bet the following: “All Might confesses his love to All For One, which causes him to cancel his evil plan. Shigaraki then ends up becoming a professor at UA and gives a cheeky wink to the camera for the final scene. Oh, and the man with the tail is hero number one. ” It is, we could say, one of the most normal on the list.

But there are users who are not afraid to imagine totally crazy endings, like the user Jackal209 from Reddit, and have posted things like: “As our heroes lie defeated, Mineta throws a hail at AFO who is in the middle of a laugh or a villain monologue. The ball gets caught in AFO’s throat and he chokes to death … “. Which of course is a funny ending, no doubt, but it does not fit too much with My Hero Academia and it would even be unfair to end the fiction like that, no matter how funny it is to us.

What will be your worst ending for My Hero Academia?