My Hero Academia announces a long-awaited showdown

A long-awaited showdown arrives at My Hero Academia. The Japanese franchise has revealed what is to come and excitement is skyrocketing.

My Hero Academia has announced a long-awaited showdown. The sixth season of the anime has blown the doors off the shonen adaptation, with the Paranormal Liberation War already showing some significant casualties on both the side of our heroes and the villains looking to tear apart the Hero Society. While the “crime fighters” had the upper hand when Endeavor and his main companions were able to launch an early assault on Shigaraki and his forces, the scales are tilting in favor of evil again thanks to the awakening of the heir of All For One. Now, a new trailer hints at the main event. A long-awaited main event.

The preview everyone was waiting for!

Shigaraki’s newfound power has made him a threat that not even Endeavor can quickly defeat. The young villain in decline has not only seen his Quirk empowered, but simultaneously has inherited most of All For One’s powers, as well as being given a body that puts him on the same level as All Might in his prime. When the great villain of My Hero Academia opened his eyes for the first time after Dr. Garaki’s torturous experiments, his declining power was enough to wipe several front-rank heroes from the map, including Crust and X-Less, putting crime fighters in a terrible scenario where victory slips out of their hands.

Now, the official twitter account from My Hero Academia shared new images of the next episode of the anime series shonen series, which not only hints at the conflict between All For One and One For All, but also sees Mount Lady facing off against Gigantomachia along with heroes young and old fighting for victory.

The temporary differences between anime and manga

The TV series may be in the middle of the Paranormal Liberation War, but My Hero Academia’s manga is in the middle of the “Final Arc”“, in which All For One has joined Shigaraki and his forces and the heroes try to finally defeat them once and for all. It may be some time before we see this final showdown on the small screen, but it could put a strain on the current season considering how big this battle is.