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the popular anime My Hero Academia will have a new OVA that will come to Crunchyroll. This will be part of a couple of special projects that will be released this summer. The streaming platform acquired the rights to broadcast it and has already shared a small synopsis.

Is OVA will focus on Hero League Baseball. As its name indicates, we will see several of the characters of My Hero Academia participating in this sport. Of course there is the small difference that the participants have different abilities that are perfectly valid in their matches..

It is a baseball league created by professional heroes who love the sport. The final league championship game is between the rival agencies of Gang Orca Y shishido. In this world there are no rules and using your quirks is accepted. However, just as the game ends, they are interrupted by a villain..’ Says the synopsis of the OVA of My Hero Academia.

The poster of the new OVA of My Hero Academia
Source: Crunchyroll

At the moment it was not announced when this OVA will be available for streaming in Crunchyroll. However, some lucky fans you can see its premiere during the Anime Expo. This is an event that will be held from July 1 to 4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

Certainly the premise sounds pretty far fetched. Seeing My Hero Academia heroes in an anything-goes baseball game could have huge potential. Since surely many of us will not be able to attend The Angels, we can only wait for its general release. It probably won’t be long after.

Is this OVA to warm up engines before the sixth season of My Hero Academia?

The baseball OVA is one of two special projects to entertain fans while the next season of the anime arrives. The animators behind My Hero Academia are working hard on completing the sixth season of the anime. It is planned to be released in the fall of this year.

The OVA prepares the arrival of the sixth season of My Hero Academia
Source: Shueisha

It does not yet have an exact release date, so its followers should stay tuned for any information. Based on the ending of the previous season it is very likely that the sixth season will adapt the paranormal liberation war arc. Although it is certain that it will start with that part of the story, we do not know if it will be the only arc that they adapt. Do you think the OVA is enough to keep us happy?

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