My Hero Academia Apparently Based Shinso’s Costume On A Favorite Hero

Shinso may not be a member of Class 1-A, but that hasn’t stopped the young hero from leaving an impression on followers of my hero academia and become a fan favorite as a result. With the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga bringing back the young crime fighter, it looks like Shinso has a new form as the heroes begin to assemble to battle the combined forces of All For One, Shigaraki and the dozens of villains that make up the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of My Hero Academia manga chapter 340, you might want to skip the rest of this article.

Shinso made his return to the series on the final page of this final chapter, sporting a new, darker look that makes him look much more like a ninja than the superhero we knew before. With this outfit, it’s clear the young hero is taking inspiration from UA Academy teacher Aizawa after training to master the wraps he attached to his person. Shinso proving to be a threat, thanks in part to his Quirk allowing him to take control of a person’s mind, it should be interesting to see how the crime fighter has progressed since we last saw him. saw during the joint training exercise.

Shinso is a unique character, not being a member of Class 1-A but nonetheless becoming a hugely popular member of the UA Academy, pairing his remarkable Quirk with training that led him to follow in Eraserhead’s footsteps. While Aizawa is still recovering from the traumatic events of the War Arc, losing limbs in the battle against Shigaraki and company, Shinso may have to step in and fill in when the final battle against All For One begins.

While this chapter featured a major return from Shinso, it also saw the heroes employ a “divide and conquer” tactic for the League of Villains, hinting that the final effort to bring down All For One is not too far.

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