My Hero Academia: Artist Presents Super Christmas Female Version of Dabi in Incredible Cosplay – Senpai

With just a few days before Christmas Eve, manga and anime fans are already beginning to express their festive spirit through the cosplay, just like this artist and fan of My Hero Academia who presents us with an incredible Christmas version of Dabi.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and have a delicious dinner, but also to express our affection for family, friends and the world in general. And perhaps one would come to think that the villains are exempt from all these festivities and end-of-the-year feelings; However, this girl shows that even people like Toya Todoroki, who as a child generated a strong detachment and resentment against her parents and brother, can add to the joy of this time.

Of course, to achieve this, the villain of My Hero Academia underwent a whole remake genderbend In order to express all his glamor and taste for the holidays. Just take a look at the spectacular cosplay of anime below to check.

Foto: Instagram – @blackmilow

As you can see, it is a remake character where the main characteristic is the color of his scars that go from being purple to white with a golden touch. In the same way the hair turns white and the fire instead of being blue also turns white.

Details such as the blouse and the white Santa Claus hat finish by giving the Christmas touch to this sexy cosplay which really is spectacular because most of the work focuses on the makeup of this artist that could also be considered as body paint.

What did you think of the female and Christmas version of Dabi in this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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