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Out of all characters of My Hero Academia created by Koheo Horikoshi, Tsuyu Asui stands out quite a bit and not precisely for being the best student. It is rather because of his particular personality, which mixes the behavior of a frog with that of a human, and also (we cannot deny it) because of his angelic smile. For that reason is that We loved this cosplay, as it has managed to portray the innocence and beauty of Froppy in a trustworthy interpretation.

Enjoying the sun in a pond, like a frog!

There is no better way to spend the afternoon | Image: Jessica Luna (DeviantArt)

With her work, the Canadian Jessica Luna reminds us that cosplaying is more than just dressing up as a specific character: it is also to mimic it with the environment, thus achieving a complete illusion in the interpretation. It is that this should be adapted to a real image all Draws of My Hero Academia!

This way is that we see the cosplayer wearing Froppy’s heroine outfit, a fine piece of spandex fabric with plastic accessories, at the same time that it is portrayed in the middle of a pond. What customs amphibians have!

The Heroes of Musutafu! | Image: Jessica Luna (DeviantArt)

In the photo below from Jessica Luna’s set, we can see the character of Froppy accompanied by Izuku Midoriya (who is played by artist Fifty Face Jayce). This heroic ensemble seems to be prepared with a smile to face the greatest dangers, but would it be the same if they had to fight with All For One?

Wifu in its own right | Image: Bones

Froppy may not be remembered as one of Musutafu’s most powerful heroines, but we cannot deny that this character has been in My Hero Academia season 5 one of the funniest. And thanks to what we have seen in this cosplay, we have confirmed that it is also one of the most beautiful beings that populate the Universe created by Horikoshi.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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