My Hero Academia: Bakugo has become a beautiful waifu thanks to this spectacular gender bender cosplay | Spaghetti Code

Of all the characters of My Hero Academia, we don’t know of any who have astonished us with his impetus and fury personality as Katsuki Bakugo has. This hero known as Kacchan among the students of the UA Academy is the greatest rival of Deku, the protagonist of the series, and the favorite husbando of many of the enthusiasts of this series. For that reason We loved this cosplay, as it has brought us back to this incredible being turned into a beautiful woman of flesh and blood.

An explosive performance

Deku’s biggest rival? | Image: Khainsaw (DeviantArt)

Looking at the work of the beautiful Khainsaw, we realize the beautiful tribute that the cosplayer has done in honor of Bakugo, one of the most powerful characters of Boku no Hero.

In this way, Through a gender bender interpretation, the artist has chosen to characterize herself with the hero outfit of Bakugo: high boots, a small shorts, a tight top and gloves that emulate huge grenades. What a way to bring life to Draws of My Hero Academia!

A fierce warrior | Image: Khainsaw (DeviantArt)

In the following image from Khainsaw’s set we can see Bakugo again, but now with a certainly different profile: in a rather offensive posture, as if he were about to use his Gift against a powerful enemy. Is he a member of the League of Villains, or has Kacchan been unlucky enough to encounter the fearsome All For One?

The only and unbeatable | Image: Bones

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the most interesting characters in Kohei Horikoshi. His presence in My Hero Academia functions as the counterweight to the friendly and positive Izuku Midoriya: a prototypical rivalry that has featured in every shonen since this genre began to be seen in the first manga.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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