My Hero Academia: Bakugo shows off his explosive side in amazing cosplay body paint | Spaghetti Code

My Hero Academia He has won the hearts of many fans and some characters have become the favorites of many, since they are young heroes who seek to become the protectors of Japan and the world, however, there is one character in particular who could not pass as a hero but his convictions are great.

Katsuki Bakugo is a student at the class 1-A and is one of the strongest thanks to his physical and theoretical abilities, but it is his gift of the explosion that allows to finish off villains, be quite agile in tense situations, while he has a strong understanding of how he can use his gift and demonstrates it in this cosplay style of body paint.

Bakugo and his strong explosion

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Spanish Yaiza Pérez performed a female interpretation of Bakugo in his super hero outfit, while showing some of its uniqueness with some special effects, but it is a fact that the strong attitude of the student can be seen with the naked eye.

Meanwhile, we can see that the artist has paid attention to every detail of the suit Bakugo, such as the buttons above the collar and part of the outfit protruding from her chest, however, the outfit appears to be quite stealthy in style, so it could be a clear reference to My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission.

It is cosplay It certainly shows part of the explosive and aggressive personality that Bakugo has, but it is certain that he is determined to become a hero, in his own way, but he will be one of the best and most powerful in the future. what did you think of this cosplay de Bakugo de My Hero Academia?


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