My Hero Academia: beautiful Russian cosplayer surprises us as Himiko Toga

The world of cosplay does not stop throwing great results from all the artists who surprise us daily with their amazing representations of our favorite characters. And that is the case of this cosplayer who has presented us with a crazy Himiko Toga cosplay.

My Hero Academia is a well-loved manga and anime series all over the world. From story arc to story arc, the creator has introduced new characters, many of whom have entered the hearts of readers and viewers. Among them is undoubtedly the villain Himiko Toga.

My Hero Academia: beautiful Russian cosplayer surprises us as Himiko Toga (@lit.mira)

And now, lit.mira offers us a new cosplay from Himiko Toga, in an even crazier version than usual, because we can see her armed and stained with blood, luckily false. The villain has a power based precisely on blood. She is able to transform into the person whose blood she drinks. Therefore, her favorite weapons are knives and syringes.

In this cosplay, lit.mira has placed maximum emphasis on the eyes, even using a black background so as not to distract us. Next, the observer is accelerated by the color gold and red. It almost seems like Toga is a real vampire who distracts us and then hits us.

So, what do you think of the Himiko Toga cosplay made by lit.mira? Was the My Hero Academia character recreated correctly, or do you think you’ve seen better versions?

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