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The anime of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) was the great trigger for the international success of Kōhei Horikoshi’s original manga. The Weekly Shonen JumpBack in July 2014, he was on the hunt for new long-haul icons for the magazine after bidding farewell to two unforgettable modern-age creations: Naruto and Bleach. And they did it with the adventures of Izuku Midoriya in his quest to become a hero. If you plan to see his anime, which is the responsibility of the studio Bones —Of the best animations of the present time in the anime of seasons—, and avoid as much stuffing as possible, we recommend you continue reading.

Differentiating between canon and filler: why does filler exist?

It doesn’t hurt to remember what is that stuffing. Like the vast majority of anime, especially those based on works from the Weekly Shonen Jump, reach the television networks once the success of the manga is assured. That’s why there is a lot of distance between the manga (more advanced) and the anime. In anime that are not seasonal, like One Piece, there is a moment when the anime gets too close to the rhythm of the manga – because in an anime episode there is more time to tell than in a manga chapter – and you have to take decisions.

There are two possible options: stop the broadcast of chapters or create original stories, not always devised by the original car or author of the manga, and let the manga accumulate new chapters to adapt to the anime. This is how the concept of seasons anime. Networks plan episode batches better, can devote more financial resources — which translates to higher animation quality — and there’s not as much filler.

Sometimes there is hardly any filling. Some notable anime by seasons of Jump are My Hero Academia with 5 seasons for now, Haikyu !!, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Dr. Stone, Jujutsu Kaisen or Black Clover. As you can see, it is a healthier format that is here to stay.

That does not prevent the anime of My Hero Academia, which thanks to Anime Stuffing we can determine exactly. The episodes marked as “mixed” are those that have part filler and part canon.

My Hero Academia Filler Episode List

  • Episodes 1 and 2 – Mixed
  • Episodes 3 to 29 – Canon
  • Episode 30 – Mixed
  • Episode 31 – Canon
  • Episode 32 – Filler
  • Episode 33 – Canon
  • Episode 34 – Mixed
  • Episodes 35 to 38 – Canon
  • Episode 39 – Filler
  • Episode 40 – Mixed
  • Episodes 41 to 53 – Canon
  • Episodes 54 and 55 – Mixed
  • Episodes 56 and 57 – Canon
  • Episode 58 – Filler
  • Episodes 59 to 63 – Canon
  • Episode 64 – Filler
  • Episodes 65 to 88 – Canon
  • Episode 89 – Mixed
  • Episodes 90-103 – Canon
  • Episode 104 – Filler
  • Episodes 105-108 – Canon

Source | Anime Stuffed