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Almost all the characters of My Hero Academia They were born with an ability, known as Don, that allowed them to develop special powers, although very few have a Gift that allows them to float. Ochaco Uraraka is a UA Academy superhero who belongs to these few, and thanks to her ability known as Zero Gravity, this teenager is capable of suspending all kinds of objects in the air. That is why we were fascinated by this cosplay, as it has managed to show us the power of Zero Gravity in real image.

This is Zero Gravity, the power of Ochaco Uraraka!

A deadly attack | Image: Kitsune Raposa (DeviantArt)

More than surprise, the emotion that fills us when seeing the work of the Brazilian artist Kitsune Raposa is one of astonishment, and that is, Using a simple photo editor, this artist has achieved one of the most epic cosplays of Uravity.

In this way we see Kitsune wearing a suit extremely faithful to Uraraka’s superhero clothes while using the power of his Gift. Zero Gravity to launch hundreds of meteors against your enemies. Take note cosplayers, this is how the Draws of My Hero Academia!

And then comes the well-deserved rest | Image: Kitsune Raposa (DeviantArt)

In the following photograph from the Kitsune set we can see the Class 1-A heroine again, although certainly in a very different way: taking a well-deserved rest, in full swing, after a day of incessant fighting.

We know that the superhero life in Musutafu is quite difficult, or at least that is how the anime of My Hero Academia season 5. What don’t professional heroes have in their benefits?

We can always trust our Uravity | Image: Bones

The Gift of Uravity may pale before others like All for One or One for All, which does not mean that this character’s destructive power cannot be used as a deadly weapon. It is not for nothing that Uraraka is so beloved among fighting fans: even next to powerful waifus What Momo Yaoyorozu!

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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