My Hero Academia brings back Professor Aizawa’s protégé!

We have also been shocked that, after so long, Hitoshi Shinso has returned to My Hero Academia.

Finally My Hero Academia has brought back one of the favorite characters among fans in the most recent chapter of the series. The final scene of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series has prepared its audience to take it to the next level, as Izuku Midoriya and other heroes they are preparing a plan of attack contra All For One y Tomura Shigaraki.

Regarding all the events of the last chapters of the series, they have been revealing enough to impress each of their fans; however, as the series progresses, My Hero Academia is preparing a stage worthy of an epic battle that, as we know, will soon happen. This means that the heroes will have to develop their skills to the maximum in order to achieve the goal of defeating their enemies and, for this, they will also they’re going to need all the help they can get.

In fact, the newest chapter in the series does just that: bring together more heroes who can save the world of My Hero Academia. In the final moments of chapter 340 we were shown a very revealing scene. One of the favorite main heroes is back that fans hadn’t seen in action since the joint training arc of the series. With this important, but surprising return, the heroes will be able to devise a new plan against the villains and, although the plan has not yet been officially revealed, it is clear that this returning character will play an important role in this great mission.

Below you can see the publication of a Twitter user, called Valdezology, who posts this iconic moment, but beware, there are spoilers for the Final Act of My Hero Academia:

As you can see, the My Hero Academia manga, in the final moments of its 340th chapter, brought back Hitoshi Shinso. When we last saw him in the series, he had officially passed his final exam and was going to join the Hero Course in its entirety after the joint training exercise with Class 1-B. At that time, it was not revealed which class was going to be part of it, and even some fans theorized that it would take Aoyama’s place after his revelation as a traitor, but, apparently, after all this time of absence, Hithoshi has been training as much as the other heroes.

But the scenario was the following: at the last moment of the chapter, Aizama announced that Class 1-A is ready for the next move. Yes OK, they still do not reveal which class Hitoshi Shinso will belong to, but now that he’s back (although Horikoshi had already told us a little about the leading role in the Final Act) it’s only a matter of time before we discover the role he will have in the story and how he will use his abilities to reach, most likely, to the mission that awaits all the heroes of My Hero Academia.

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