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Bakugo is, of all characters of My Hero Academia, someone who stands out due to his momentum and explosive strength. Owner of one of the most destructive abilities ever seen among Musutafu’s heroes, Kacchan has become the fear of many members of the League of Villains. It is for that reason that We loved this cosplay: it shows us a faithful image of the impetuous Bakugo made by a chameleon artist.

A cosplay that will make you explode … literally

The undisputed hero of Musutafu | Image: Ven Tsun (Instagram)

The first thing we can notice with the work of the artist Ven Tsun is the enormous quality of her wardrobe. And it is that the cosplayer has not limited herself to putting on a spandex suit to give life to Bakugo in the Draws of My Hero Academia: on the contrary, the artist has tried to make her costume with a huge amount of materials.

In this way we can see that, in addition to the leather pants and vest, as well as the plastic accessories, the artist carries some metal pieces that enhance the veracity of her interpretation.

After the destruction, comes the calm | Image: Ven Tsun (Instagram)

In the next photograph from the Ven Tsun set we can see Bakugo showing us a very different profile. Far from preparing for the fight and activating your Mr. Explosion, in this picture we can see the warrior on the ground, with a certainly melancholic demeanor. This is how you should adapt images of My Hero Academia!

What if I better become a villain? | Image: Ven Tsun (Instagram)

Bakugo may not be as powerful as the evil one All for One or other members of the League of Villains, yet this hero has displayed the strategic thinking and impulsive personality necessary to deal with the worst enemies. Not for nothing is this character considered one of the greatest protagonists ofMy Hero Academia season 5.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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