My Hero Academia celebrates Christmas with a new poster of the Big Three

Once again, the big three of My Hero Academia have a leading role in one of the new posters of the animeand it is that, they have had some important moments in the spotlight during season 6 of the series and, therefore, the anime is completing the year and celebrating the holiday season of the end of the year with a new special poster for the heroic trio.

First introduced during the fourth season of the anime to help show Izuku Midoriya and to the other members of Class 1-A the pinnacle of what the school’s hero students were capable of, the Big Three have remained big players through much of the intense action ever since.

The team made up of Mirio Togata, Hado Nejire Y Tamaki Amajiki they were spread out among all the different battlegrounds during the heroes’ grand assault on villains during the first half of My Hero Academia season six, but each one of them managed to have a moment in the spotlight before it all went down. will finish.

And it is that, compared to season 5, where we could not see them at all, now they have had a good season, and to celebrate, My Hero Academia highlights them with a new special holiday poster.

While Nejire and Tamaki had a remarkable season, it was especially monumental for Mirio, as after losing access to his Quirk during the events of season four, Mirio took a time off from action. But during the sixth season, it was revealed that Eri had been secretly training with her Rewind quirk and thus was able to help Mirio get back into action at the right time.

Now that the Big Three are back, there’s an uncertain future for the rest of the heroes. The first half of My Hero Academia season 6 has come to an end, and with it ended the climactic war between the heroes and the villains, it has left a lot of damage on both sides, so it remains to be seen what will come for the end. seasonal.