My Hero Academia censors Momo’s controversial suit in new video game

My Hero Academia He has dealt with his share of the drama to date, and some of his major controversies are ongoing. Characters like Endeavor and Bakugo are brought up for debate, but you may not suspect Momo Yaoyorozu.

However, heroin is still sparking debate, and it seems the fandom of Kohei Horikoshi has become a trend again thanks to a new promotion of a video game for cell phones. The reason? A simple censorship which hid a bit from Momo. The photo in question was posted on social media this week.

Although Kohei Horikoshi dibuja la Clase 1-A Much different in the manga, it turns out that the MHA app can be found in Japan, as well as other regions, and brings Class 1-A students closer to the palm of your hand. This means that Momo is on the list, but she is pictured in a modified outfit, as you can see below.

Boku no Hero Academia censura a Momo Yaoyorozu

(Photo: Reddit) “Alleged censorship of Momo in My Hero Academia game”

The costume is very similar to the one Momo wears most often, but there is a big difference. The deep V cut of Momo’s costume is missing here. Instead, the daring undercut is covered with a zipper option and it totally changes the look of Momo.

Clearly, the My Hero Academia edit was done out of modesty, and the app stores might have required the additional weaving. After all, services like iOS App Store and Google App Store They have been more strict with their adult content.

Games are subject to very specific standards in this regard, so the Momo makeover was probably done for logistical reasons. But of course, the artwork has fans raving about it.

This is because many fans have wanted Momo to don a costume like the one seen in this game promo. Yes, anime fans are used to fan service by now, but Momo’s age put her suit under fire from day one.

The girl is a minor in most of the world, and her status as highschool student makes this costume uncomfortable for most. An edit would clear up the issue for most, but others argue that Momo should be allowed to express her style no matter how daring it is.

Midnight was an advocate for this idea and continues to do so as a professional heroine. Previously, The Truth News reported that a Midnight and Mt Lady cosplay melts fans for the great attention to detail.

How old is Momo from My Hero Academia?

Momo Yaoyorozu tiene 15 years in anime from My Hero Academia transmitido en Crunchyroll. MHA likely won’t edit Momo’s costume, and there is no promise that her professional costume will be more modest. But if you’ve ever wondered what it could have been, the mobile game promotion sets it up perfectly.

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