My Hero Academia: Chapter 352 Details Shoto’s New Special Move

Now while the anime’s My Hero Academia is out of transmission and waiting for the season 6the manga has kept things on track, and fully unleashed the new ultimate move of Shouto Todorokiso in the most recent chapter of the sleevehas revealed some of the secrets of how this new technique came to be.

This final act of the series is now in the midst of a heated final battle between Shoto Y Dhabias the two fierce fighters express all of their respective traumas over the course of their shared dysfunctional family life thus far, even before this, there were already several fans who had realized that the struggle of Shotoit was to quickly make up for the breadth of power between the two by using his own unique power to fill the gap.

Thus, when remembering the previous chapter, the final fight between Shoto Y Dhabi in its entirety, and it was revealed that Shoto had developed a version of Flashfire Fist that his father uses, but he was struggling to heat it up at the same kind of reckless speed that Dhabi was destroying his body with what Shoto he had been fueling his fire with more of his ice powers to compensate.

And during the most recent chapter, Shoto reveals that he actually figured out how to use his hot and cold techniques in a new kind of harmony for his new ultimate move, and the chapter 352 from My Hero Academia go back in time to show when Shoto explains the use of his new move to Izuku Midoriyaand in fact it is a different version of the Flashfire Fist by Endeavour.

It is right there, where he explains to her that although it is difficult to maintain the form for a long time, he discovered how to raise the original technique using his heart to use his left and right sides at the same time, thus creating a kind of cold flame that it allows you to pump warm and cold blood through your heart to stabilize your body and movement itself.

Now this is a move exclusive to his combo abilities and thus he soon uses an even more powerful version against Dhabi with his true ultimate move, the Great Glacial Aegirwhich sends a massive wave of icy flames through the area around him, a directly powerful blow.