My Hero Academia chapter 352 now available: how to read for free in Spanish

It’s time to continue the Tabi vs. Todoroki right where we left off. Chapter 352 of Boku No Hero is already here and presents us with both brothers throwing everything that burns them inside (and never better said) in their faces. A tense calm before the storm that both characters seem to awaken as soon as they launch their last attack. We do not gut you anymore, we leave you in the hands of Kohei Horikoshi and My Hero Academia Chapter 352. Next, how and where to read it for free and in Spanish.

Where to read chapter 352 of My Hero Academia manga?

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Is Called “Special Technique” And It’s Available Now free and in Spanish in Manga Plus. You can read it through its website or using the app for mobile devices (Android and iOS). In either case, Manga Plus also offers us the penultimate (351, The Two Incandescences) and penultimate chapter (350, Resentment) for free, in case you want to catch up or review where we left off.

  • Read Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia Manga on Manga Plus via this link.

  • Download Manga Plus on your Android mobile clicking here.

  • Download Manga Plus on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) clicking here.

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