My Hero Academia chapter 361 reveals more of the past of one of the Big Three

Currently, the manga of My Hero Academia is in one of the biggest battles so faras many heroes, both professional and student, seek to stop All For One and Shigaraki’s plans, as well as make a little more time for Deku’s arrival.

But the recent chapter, 361, shows that Shigaraki continues to do his thing against Bakugo and the big three from the UA who are ready to stop this great villain, starting with Mirio’s intervention to save one of the students.

That is when his companions Amajiki and Nejire will also face him, but in the middle of the battle, the story of My Hero Academia revealed more of Nejire’s past before joining this pair of heroes.

Source: Shueisha

Nejire’s past

Fans of the series already know the story of Mirio and Amajiki from their friendship since childhood, but it seems that Nejire joined the group until high school, at which time she was very quiet due to her social anxiety.. Amajiki was the one who brought this heroine out of his shell and that is clear in My Hero Academia 361.

Everything arose as a result of this young man asking her what her favorite hero was and it seems that with that she had the freedom to speak. This caused both Amajiki and mirio They had an important bond and became great friends.

It was undoubtedly a tactic that reminded us of the beginnings of Miro and Togata’s friendship, so it was clear that it works. This look at the past even shows that these heroes are very close. and they will do it even in battles.

Meanwhile, Deku still hasn’t appeared, but it doesn’t seem like it will be for long. My Hero Academia to appear with a smash to defeat All For One and Shigaraki.


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