My Hero Academia: Character References to DC and Marvel

Bku no Hero Academia has referenced DC and Marvel on more than one occasion.

In My Hero Academia we can find all kinds of heroes and villains, there are even some characters that have very strange and unique abilities. However, on several occasions it can be seen that some are inspired by DC and Marvel characters for several reasons.

In fact, although it may not seem like it, there are many references to said companies that can easily be overlooked, but you do not have to worry, since here we show you what all the winks are that you can see in My Hero Academia and we show you what are the most striking things about them.

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Invisible Girl – Invisible Woman (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Invisible Girl and Sue Storm share the same abilities

The power of invisibility can be something quite common in many placesbut it is likely that Toru Hagakure, also known as Invisible Girl, is based on the Marvel’s Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) for obvious reasons. However, what makes Toru different is that she can’t stop being invisible and always has to stay that way, plus she doesn’t possess abilities to generate force fields.

All For One – Rogue (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

All For One has powers similar to a member of the X-Men

Rogue is one of the most dangerous mutants in Marvel for having the ability to steal other people’s powers and vitality. Possibly, All For One’s power is based on that character because it works the same wayonly it seems to be much more powerful because it can remain forever with the acquired abilities.

Overhaul – Molecule Man (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Overhaul would be a clear reference to Marvel’s Molecule Man

Molecule Man, also known as Owen Reece, is a villain who has the ability to manipulate in different ways the molecules of matter and energy. This is the same thing Overhaul does when composing and decomposing any organic and inorganic objects.

Froppy – Frog Man (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Froppy would have the same colors as Marvel’s Frog Man

Frog Man is a little-known villain who has appeared in the Spider-Man comics and the Disney+ She-Hulk series, being a character that generates grace for viewers for failing in various aspects. The interesting thing about this is that it has the same color palette from Froppy’s (Tsuyu Asui) outfit in My Hero Academia.

Hawks – Angel (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Hawks from My Hero Academia and Angel from Marvel are more similar characters than it seems

Angel is probably one of the best known characters from Marvel’s X-Men, and it is that his skills and history are something that undoubtedly attracts attention. Hawks seems to fulfill the same characteristics, and that is that it has a very similar physical complexionwhile his hair is the same color and he has the same abilities, such as flying and throwing feathers at his targets.

Lemillion – Kitty Pride (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Lemillion and Kitty Pryde have the same abilities

The ability to pass through surfaces is something that has been seen a lot in Kitty Pride, the mutant girl who is part of the X-Men and who seems to be linked to Lemillion from My Hero Academia. Mirio Togata has shown incredible control of this ability and that is why he has become one of the best students at the UA Academy.

Endeavor – Human Torch (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Endeavor could be inspired by the Human Torch from My Hero Academia

Staying alight on fire is something Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, does frequently. Endeavor would be the equivalent of this character for the great control of fire that he has shown in several battles during the anime’s journey.

Gevaudan – Beast (Marvel)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

It is possible that Beast of the X-Men was the reference to create Gevaudan

There is no doubt that Jurota Shishida is a reference to Beast from the X-Menand it seems that his face is very similar to this Marvel character, only that it does not have the characteristic blue color.

Creati – The Wanderer (DC)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Momo’s outfit from My Hero Academia is inspired by a DC character

Momo Yaoyorozu’s special outfit from My Hero Academia would be based on The Wandererbut this would only be in the way of dressing, since their powers are very different.

Re-Destro – Joker (DC)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

It’s not a coincidence that Re-Destro looks so much like the Joker.

Rikiya Yotsubashi’s pronounced nose and his macabre smile always reminds the Joker, and it is that he not only resembles in these aspects, but also in the suit that he wears all the time. Even this character has done direct reference to the comics of Batman in different situations.

Lady–Atom (DC)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

Mt. Lady is probably based on DC’s Atom

Yu Takeyama may be based on DC’s Atom Smasher, and it is that his quirk is very similar to that character because he can quickly grow to an enormous size and control it at will. Though Marvel’s Ant-Man Can Do It Toohe doesn’t usually use this power due to not having full control of the size increase.

Uravity – Gravity Kid (DC)

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

DC’s Gravity Kid was perhaps the inspiration to create My Hero Academia’s Uravity

DC’s Gravity Kid could easily be Uravity’s older brother, and that is Uraraka Ochaco would be like a lower version of the mentioned hero, since by touching any object or person, he can make them float by interfering with gravity. Gravity Kid does the same thing, but much more advanced because he can fly at different speeds, control gravitons to increase or decrease attraction, it generates shock waves and is capable of creating force fields.

My Hero Academia covers

My Hero Academia, Marvel and DC

My Hero Academia has referenced Marvel on several of its covers

My Hero Academia has also done reference to some of the most popular Marvel comicswhich would be The Uncanny X-Men: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth Round 1 and Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 6: Venom.

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