My Hero Academia confirms the most bizarre relationship in the series

The My Hero Academia universe has confirmed the weirdest and most bizarre relationship the series could have. What a surprise we got!

My Hero Academia is a series that has an extraordinarily varied cast. In that sense, with a huge number of characters, shippeo lovers go crazy making romantic theories. Who could finish off who? Which character could end up with this other? Come on, the classic pastime of matching people. Y the animation series/manga just confirmed the most bizarre relationship possible. A relationship that not even the most “shippers” saw coming.

The series of My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions gathers to teen hero groups from UA and beyond for the purpose of taking on missions and events of all kinds. The preceding chapters revealed Melissa Shield, character of the first film of the saga. They also forced Bakugo Y Deku to work together. And now the second volume has shown us some romantic couples from this fabulous anime universe. One of them is that of Tohru Hagakure (Invisible Girl) Y Mashirao Ojiro (Tailman).

Tailman and Invisible Girl live a very intimate moment

In the sixth chapter of My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions, Hagakure and Ojiro are sent to a small private hero school on an island to give a performance to some young boys. The kids are impressed by Hagakure’s invisibility, but see nothing special about Ojiro’s tail. When one of the boys goes missing, Ojiro saves him, proving that being a hero isn’t just about possessing special abilities.

Invisible Girl and Tailman talk while waiting to leave the island, and then she touches him in a way that he thinks means “immediately kiss”. It is not the first time that these two characters have interacted together, but no clue had ever been given that indicated a potential romantic interest on the part of either of the two. What do you think? Do you think we will end up seeing something between them?