My Hero Academia continues with pacing problems, and the manga does not give fans a break

My Hero Academia You are making one of the worst mistakes in fiction: wanting to go too fast. Things take time and have a process of maturation and evolution. Boku no Hero Academia He announced that his manga was reaching its final stretch, and that therefore what was to come in the main arcs of the characters, and of the story in general, was of vital importance for the outcome. And so it has been, with the death of some protagonists that has left us speechless and with spy discovery passing information to All For One.

The fiction of Kōhei Horikoshi has not given the fans a single respite since he announced that the end was near, which in fact, instead of getting the attention of the readers and keeping them in constant suspense to see what happens next, what is being achieved is that these are getting tired and disengaging from the main story seeing that the frame resolutions being carried out are not satisfactory at all. Nor is it that some characters deserve the fate they are having, after so many years of history behind them.

Are we going too fast?

On another occasion, we already state that My Hero Academia put the brakes on and urgently. Both the manga and the anime, the latter as a consequence of the former, are running by leaps and bounds and barely leave space for the arcs to complete naturally. It is as if those responsible for the project wanted to end the fiction quickly and running to move on to something else, to jump to another story or to expand this universe to other paths, as for example it is being done in our territory with The Walking Dead, with its explosion of movies that will arrive any moment after it ends, a bit of a hit and miss, this very year.

It does not take much wandering through social networks to see that many fans are unhappy with this whole process, and we joined in after seeing that the results that are being offered are not up to the standards of the first seasons of the anime or the initial arcs of the manga. My Hero Academia He still has time to stop his engines and take it easy. Villains have gone from being simple threats to weapons of mass destruction for the rest of the planet. And almost in the blink of an eye (although this could be smelled a long time ago, yes).

What do you think? Do you think My Hero Academia should take things slower? Is the pace that you are taking now the right one for the readers? We read you in the comments!