My Hero Academia: Cosplay brings Ochaco Uraraka as one of the UA waifus

inside the world of My Hero Academia very funny, incredible, tender and even skillful characters have been presented, Such is the case of one of the waifs dearest and is Ochaco Urarakawho has stood out for being one of the best students of the UA Academy of Class 1-A.

This female character has an incredible Gift, which throughout her stay at the school to train heroes, she has learned to use for any battle, but she has also trained very hard to even use it to help her friends face enemies. the villains and a cosplayer has paid tribute to him.

Ochaco Uraraka, one of the cute waifus of My Hero Academia

Through Instagram, the Italian model _ahstra_ shared an incredible version of one of the waifs of My Hero Academiabut she has the school uniform, since it seems that she will take theory classes before she can continue training with her powers.

Source: Instagram @_ahstra_

As you can see, the edge could be the real version of Ochaco and could even pass as her twin, while she wears the uniform that consists of a green skirt with a gray jacket and details of the same tone as the skirt, as well as combining it in a white shirt and a red tie.

But that’s not all, since she decided to use a nice and natural makeup that goes very well with her light brown eyeslike a soft pink lipstick that will highlight youru smile that Deku will surely love from myhero academy

Ochaco Without a doubt, he has stood out for being someone very kind and tender, who always thinks of his companions, especially Deku, but the most tender of the waifus of My Hero Academia You can reach the level that the boy you like has to be equal.

What do you think of this cosplay of one of the waifs of My Hero Academia?


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