My Hero Academia Cosplay Features Jiro Kyouka’s First Design

Some fans of My Hero Academia they were so enchanted with the first versions of their characters in the manga that they choose to pay tribute to them through the cosplayas in the following casual version of the student Kyoka Jiro, played by kiminya_n (Twitter)

Although Jiro is well represented in the anime as a girl who loves rock and music in general, her clothing in the first sketch of the character further enhances that personality that we love about the heroine Earphone Jack.

Photo: Shonen Jump

This outfit was likely too laborious to repeatedly draw and animate, so Jiro’s final design opted for elements that were easier to capture, but wouldn’t take away from his essence as a rock music lover.

The cosplay of kiminya_n makes an incredible reference to Jiro Kyouka’s first design, including all the elements that appear in the illustration made by the creator of My Hero Academiaincluding the skirt with black fishnet stockings and a T-shirt with the legend “The End of Villains”, which reaffirms her position as a hero.

Photo: kiminya_n (Twitter)

My Hero Academia started as a sleeve written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump of the Shueisha publishing house since July 2014. To date it has a total of 338 published chapters and 34 compilation volumes of the written series, same as found in the best-selling sleeveless top in the first half of this year 2022.

The animated adaptation of My Hero Academia Until now, it is made up of 88 episodes gathered in four seasons that you can find on the Crunchyroll platform. The sixth season of My Hero Academia still scheduled to premiere during the fall 2022 season

What did you think of this casual version of Jiro from My Hero Academia?


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