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If there is any character from My Hero Academia that deserves all the respect of the fandom That’s Uraraka, the cute Class 1-A heroine, and an artist has honored her by perfectly recreating one of her best attributes: her smile.

Uraraka comes from a poor family and her greatest wish is to one day help her parents by earning some money as a professional heroine and saving the world from its destruction. Uraraka is one of the most special characters in the anime of My Hero Academia and somehow the cosplayer ellychan96 has managed to portray her through a nice selfie.

ellychan96 made up her face and combed her hair but did not forget to highlight the huge smile that Uraraka always carries with her – despite the circumstances – and the result has been simply perfect. In addition, as you may notice, the artist also recreated Uraraka’s heroine outfit to complete the cosplay.

Here you have it:

Foto: ellychan96 (Instagram)

Foto: ellychan96 (Instagram)

What do you think about the cosplay de Uraraka? Although ellychan96 did not allow her interpretation of Uraraka in the full body suit to be seen further, the artist captured Uraraka’s smile in a quite simple way, making it very realistic and faithful to the character … or so I think.

As you continue to contemplate Uraraka cosplay, I remind you that the sixth season of the anime is coming next year. According to some reports, it could be released in the fall of 2022… however, the manga could end very, very soon. Kohei Horikoshi predicted that his final arc could also come next year.


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