My Hero Academia Cosplay Shares Shinso’s Latest Anime Outfit

my hero academia currently takes off in the pages of its manga, beginning the final battle between the heroes of UA Academy and the villains under the grip of the infamous All For One, and with this latest arc, it seems everyone is on deck for the biggest fight in Shonen history. As Shinso makes an appearance sporting a brand new outfit, a cosplayer took the opportunity to travel to the Shonen’s past during the joint training exercise, capturing the previous look of the student following in the footsteps of ‘Eraser head.

Shinso has an ability that is quite unique among UA Academy students, being able to take over a target’s mind if they are able to answer a direct line of communication with the dark hero. With the final arc showing us that Shinso has adopted a new outfit that looks much more like what Eraserhead wore during his vigilante days, it looks like the mind-controlling hero will have a part to play in the battle against All For One. . Shinso is definitely one of the biggest heroes operating outside of Class 1-A and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a key factor in this final battle for UA Academy.

Instagram cosplayer IisaDorax shared this trip down memory lane from the Joint Training Exercise arc in which Shinso made a major comeback with new technology that allowed him to change his voice in order to effectively incite targets. potentials to answer him and thus fall under the power. of his Quirk:

Kohei Horikoshi didn’t hesitate to share that the mangaka still has about a year of history to go. my hero academia, the series set to end with this final battle between heroes and villains for the fate of the hero society and the world. With the heroes and villains paired up for individual battles, we certainly don’t expect every major player in the Shonen series to emerge from this titanic fight alive.

Do you see Shinso managing to survive the final battle of the Shonen series? What’s your favorite cut for the young UA Academy hero? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.