My Hero Academia: Cosplay shows an alternate version of Uraraka Ochaco | Spaghetti Code

One of the most popular series of the moment is My Hero Academiawhich despite having recently finished its fifth season, has left fans wanting more by presenting a world full of heroes and young students who seek to be the saviors of the world, but few characters have called attention for her abilities, especially Uraraka Ochaco.

Uraraka Ochakoalso known as Uravity, is one of those characters that have extraordinary abilities and that still remains to be explored in themHowever, this time, an alternate version of the character appeared to train and bring out the full potential of his abilities and his Gift of Gravity.

She is Uraraka Ochako

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Cold Indulgent Revenge shared an amazing version of Uraraka in her UA Academy sports uniform, which is worn by all the students when they attend school exercises inside the UA Academy. Class 1-A.

Source: Instagram @coldindulgentrevenge

As you can see below, she looks like will strive to take on all the challenges that will come your way to make the most of your Don to the maxwhile working to become one of the best professional fighters and take down the villains that threaten humanity.

It is a fact that he will try his best, but he will not lose his quality and lively personality, as well as his positive thoughts at all times. Meanwhile, she will be the same friendly girl and that she can read the characters very well, especially when it comes to Izuku Midoriya.

Uraraka Ochaco will prove to be the best in her class with empathy and kindness, as well as being willing to help her classmates. My Hero Academia in case they are in danger and is also very good at working in a team.


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