My Hero Academia: Cosplay shows Bakugo Katsuki as one of the best anime waifus

One of the series that has gained quite a lot of popularity is My Hero Academiain which young students seek to become professional heroes and some of them have won the hearts of many, like Bakugo, who has become one of the waifs most loved anime thanks to this cosplay.

Bakugo Katsuki He has been characterized as someone with an explosive personality, but he also has the goal of becoming a great and powerful hero, just like his idol All Might was, but recently he has had to face a great battle and a cosplayer paid homage to him.

Bakugo as one of the waifus of My Hero Academia

Through Instagram, the Brietleguese model made an incredible version of this character and transformed it into one of the waifs favorites of My Hero Academiaby giving it a feminine but explosive touch.

Source: Instagram @brietleguese

As you can see, the artist respected the essence of Bakugo, like his black and orange hero outfit and dark bootswhile in his hands he has the weapons that help the character to better direct their attacks.

But that’s not all, since this version of Bakugo has long blonde hair that is somewhat messy from so many explosions and battles he has faced, but all this is combined with simple makeup that highlights his red eyes.

His Gift is that of explosion and he has been able to use it very well to have more agility and propel himself in any space to move even through the air, which guarantees that he can defeat the enemy from all possible angles.

No doubt this version of Bakugo as one of the waifs favorites of My Hero Academia he will defeat the villains in the blink of an eye. what did you think of this cosplay of bakugo of My Hero Academia?


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