My Hero Academia: Cosplayer brings Himoko Toga to life as one of the anime waifus

One of the series that has gained popularity in recent years is My Hero Academiawhose story has left exciting, tragic and even friendly moments, as well as some heroes and villains, won the hearts of many fans, including Himiko Toga, one of the favorite anime waifus.

Himiko Toga stood out from the first moment for her appearance, since she wears a high school uniform, while her villain costume stands out for having a mask with bases that look like teeth and that undoubtedly goes very well with her Quirk.

The favorite villain of My Hero Academia

Via Instagram, Japanese model Friendofsakura shared an amazing version of this character of My Hero Academia, who has become one of the favorite waifus of many because of her crazy personality and even her skills.

During season 5 of the anime and even in the manga, we were able to learn about the lives of these characters who are part of the League of Villains and Himiko Toga has always attracted attention, since she was always rejected by her Gift since she was little.

Source: Instagram @friendofsakura

As you can see, she recreated Himiko’s essence very well. like his school clothes and gadgets like his black mask, the knife boxes that are strapped to his thighs and small green boxes that are attached to his waist.

Her Gift consists of transformation, she can become any person and even imitate their abilities and voices, once she has ingested their blood, but the more blood she drinks, the longer she will last transformed into that person.

In all the history of My Hero Academiawe saw what he is capable of Himiko Togaso you should be careful if you find it out there. What do you think of this cosplay by Himiko Toga My Hero Academia?


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