My Hero Academia could last even longer than its author thought

My Hero Academia“It has been a little season in what represents the war and the final arc of Kouhei Horikoshi’s work. One of the most famous manga of the last decade was revealed by its author that he did not have much time left to live, and of done according to his words presumably that this same 2022 would reach the conclusion from the story of Deku and company. Now, however, Horikoshi-sensei himself seems to be rethinking what he once saw quite clearly.

The manga of My Hero Academia aims to extend more than expected

has been the translator @RukasuMHA which has published the following tweet, rescuing the most recent statements of the creator of “My Hero Academia” in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine:

And with the tweet at hand, then I leave you with what it comes to express and what it can imply for the future of “My Hero Academia”:

  • Horikoshi’s exact words this week have been as follows: “At the end of last year I commented that this had 1 year left, but it’s been 10 months and I’m starting to rethink it“. ❗
  • Indeed, it was on the occasion of last year’s Jump Festa that Horikoshi-sensei stated that, if there was no problem of any kind, My Hero Academia would be finished in about 1 year. In these 10 months the franchise has not entered into difficulties of any kind, so everything points to Horikoshi-sensei simply seeing that he needs more time to close everything properly. ✔️
  • It’s important to put attention on this does not mean now that suddenly My Hero Academia is going to last 5 more years. We are in the final arc, at an advanced point of it, but instead of finishing it in the next two months the author may be considering taking half a year more to be satisfied with the work (the time I have estimated is an assumption without any basis ). ❌

It is certainly interesting that these statements from the author of “My Hero Academia” arise just as season 6 of the anime begins. Could it be a maneuver to warm up the staff with everything that is happening right now? Well, it can, hype is always sought. Nevertheless, It is also not uncommon for an author’s estimates to get lost along the way, as Eiichiro Oda well knows.. In any case, now more than ever, only time will tell.

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