My Hero Academia: Could Shinso be a key character for the finale?

Attention! In this text you will find spoilers for My Hero Academia 340 manga, so if you are not up to date, it is better that you do not continue reading this article.

My Hero Academia is making extremely strange movements in these last bars of life. the fiction of Boku No Hero is at a delicate point, prior to the final battle against Shingaraki and All For One, and with All Might establishing strategies to defeat both monsters that, currently, they are united by a bond that makes them a threat from which it is impossible to escape. In fact, there are already extremely powerful heroes who have fallen by the wayside… Class 1-A, however, is receiving reinforcements in order to deal with these threats. One of the most recent additions has been the Shinso, which has returned with a somewhat changed appearance.

Is Shinso the key?

Although the character is not part of the group of heroes 1-A as such, Shinso could become a very outstanding piece to defeat the two villains who are currently generating headaches for the protagonists. Why could it be a vital element for it? Because if you remember correctly, Shinso appeared again with slightly changed clothes, with a ninja-style outfit which is undoubtedly synonymous with the fact that the character has already had a complete evolution and that he is not at all as we remembered him. No more standing guy, now we have a man specialized in stealth combined with brute force. What’s more, even the powers here remain a bit up in the air, as if it were Batman, because he seems to have quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

His gift and current abilities have led him to follow in the footsteps of Eraserhead, which means that the appearance of the current Shinso should not be overlooked, because it can bring quite a lot of problems to the main enemies. All Might’s original plan was none other than to separate those two beasts (Shingaraki and All For One) in order to kill them individually. Shinso would be the most suitable to achieve that. Moments like that of Trunks cutting Frieza in half in Dragon Ball Z come to mind, and that, even if it is not palpable, could be executed thanks to the appearance of this ninja who has been stomping. And with the help of everyone’s favorite engineer, even better.