My Hero Academia: Could the League of Villains reunite soon?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 335, “Zygotes,” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt, now available in English on Viz Media.

All For One and Shigaraki may be the main antagonists of My Hero Academia, but they always had the support of the League of Villains. Members of the villain group were found scattered during the Paranormal Liberation War and its aftermath, but it is possible that most of them will reunite very soon.

As All Might recounts Japan’s greatest threats to Class 1-A, he mentions Dabi, also known as Toya Todoroki, and Himiko Toga, two of the first members of the League. Himiko broke away from the League in the midst of the Paranormal Liberation War to confront Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, but vowed to return when she found the information she needed.

Dabi, on the other hand, always distanced himself from the League. Even when the team was formed, he was always on solo missions minding his own business. Unlike the others, he never joined in on the jokes, preferring to stay out of it, barring some witty comment. Following her epic revelation as Toya Todoroki, Dabi declared that she never cared about the League and only used it as a means to her own end: the destruction of the Endeavor.

Dabi’s return to Tomura Shigaraki’s side must mean that the current Number One Hero is also in All For One’s crosshairs. Dabi’s only concern is destroying Endeavor and everything he stands for. Allying with All For One must mean that they both share at least this goal. Their association also raises the possibility of All For One gifting Dabi with a Quirk that will allow him to overcome the damage caused by his own flames. Dabi could become even more powerful than in his last encounter with Shoto Todoroki and Endeavor.

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The latest League member confirmed to be with All For One is Spinner. During the assault on Tartarus and everything that followed, he never left Tomura’s side, even after realizing that their leader had been corrupted by All For One. Today, he forms the linchpin of All For One’s plans. for the future, after completely destroying the heroes. Spinner has become the face of the Paranormal Liberation Front, a movement that is gaining popularity, especially among those with heteromorphic Quirks like him. All For One hopes to use it to manipulate post-hero society, but Spinner’s take on the matter has yet to be revealed.

Each member of the League is dangerous on its own, but they have shown time and again how coordinated they are. Now that they are once again sponsored by All For One, the League has even more resources at their disposal. Their preferred mode of operation has always been covert infiltration with guerilla-style battle plans. Your current target should be the AU and the revelation of the traitor within the school walls will make your job much easier.