My Hero Academia Creator Comments On The End Of Dr Stone

Dr Stone prepares to end its manga, with Senku and Taiju’s story finally coming to an end after its 2017 debut by creators Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi. Although the series still has a long way to go when it comes to its anime adaptation, fans and even other manga creators are taking the opportunity to bask in the mind-blowing story of a world turned to stone, with no one other than My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi gives his take on one of the biggest manga series of recent years.

The third season of Dr Stone touted a release this summer, which will further explore Senku attempting to free humanity from the individual prisons of stone that have held the vast majority of the population in place for thousands of years. Of course, one of Dr Stone’s biggest selling points is the mystery behind not just how humanity was frozen, but how there are apparently individuals who seem to have escaped that fate and created their own. villages, leaning more on the days of medieval times rather than the benefits of today’s modern civilization.

In a recent nod to Inagaki and Boichi, Horikoshi had the following to say, with the My Hero Academia creator showing his love for the Dr Stone series as well as the work that has been put into this stone world that took the anime and manga mediums by storm:

“It was an exciting story from start to finish! Thank you Inagaki-sensei and Boichi-sensei!”

my hero academia is also set to return to the anime world this year, though rather than dive into its next season this summer like Dr Stone, the series is set to adapt the war arc in the fall of this year, pitting the heroes of UA Academy against the overwhelming force of Shigaraki’s new army in the Paranormal Liberation Front. Needless to say, expect some major happenings from these two great anime adaptations hitting this year.

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