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My Hero Academia is in its sixth season and everything seems to indicate that the tension and action will only increase, however, not only for the usual main characters, but also for other B-Class heroes.

the fifth season of My Hero Academia adapted the Training arc, in which it became more than clear that Class 1-B has a lot of potential. And in honor of this, is that, Kōhei Horikoshi —the mangaka— made an illustration recognizing the heroines and their latest notable efforts.

In this sketch we can see Kinoko Komori and Setsuna Tokage in a warm embrace. The sixth season of My Hero Academia it gets harder and harder for the characters, as the biggest villain, Tomura Shigaraki returned to the battlefield. However, this has allowed other Class 1-B characters to have epic moments.

The most notable was when they tried to stop Gigantomachina. Although they didn’t make it, the heroes made an effort that did not go unnoticed, because in this one it was possible to appreciate the skill, the focus of the teamwork and the energy of the heroes in a desperate attempt to save the day.

The characters of My Hero Academia Class B will make splendid appearances in My Hero Academia Season 6.
Source: Studio BONES

However, it seems that season 6 of My Hero Academia it comes with everything and the heroes of Class 1-B will have to go to superhuman lengths so that they don’t wipe the floor with them. The adaptation spans the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc, so the boys will become true and honorable heroes or perish, the challenge is great.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia?

Crunchyroll is the one who distributes the series in Mexico and Latin America. It has all the seasons available on its platform. It has dubbing and subtitles. You can enjoy weekly delivery every Tuesday. So far it has 116 episodes.

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