My Hero Academia Creator Reveals What Izuku And His Friends Would Look Like In Real Life

Only a few days separate us from the long-awaited return of the anime My Hero Academia with the sixth season, and that is why all eyes are on this popular title, as well as remembering that the manga is right now in its final act, and a new volume of sleeve It has the fandom shocked thanks to a very realistic sketch that circulates on networks.

It is a new work that comes from Kohei Horikoshithe creator of the series, and which was made public in volume 36 of the sleevea volume that was released before its release date in Japan, and among its extras includes a sketch that imagines Izuku and several of his companions, how they would look in real life.

Well, according to Horikoshi himself, the sketch was made after he began to wonder what the stars of My Hero Academia would look like in the real world, and these portraits imagine bakugo, Shoto and Izuku in a world where they were struck by a realism quirk, and the boys along with All Might, were affected by the quirk as they were left immortalized sporting their most realistic form of the icons of Class 1-A.

And it is, after all, that Izuku looks adorable with his curly dark hair, and his smooth jawline has fans swooning. Bakugo’s chiseled features have made his fan base even more rabid, and of course Shoto is serving up the Fire Nation vibes with the burn of him in this shot, and on All Mightthe hero definitely looks older in this portrait, especially for all the wrinkles, but there’s no denying that the man was once the world’s Symbol of Peace.

Thanks to Horikoshi, we now know what they would look like, and it is possible that the rest of the Class 1-A may get to receive their own makeover versions as well, of course, only if the creator has time before volume 37, which is on its way.