My Hero Academia Creator Shares New Endeavor Art

The heroes and villains of My Hero Academia are experiencing one of their greatest battles in the animeand that’s why some of the Hero Society’s professional crime fighters have sprung into action, but even though some of them have been killed as a result of Shigaraki’s awakening and his decaying Quirk that turned many heroes in dust, an even greater burden has been placed on the shoulders of the number one hero, Endeavour.

And as part of the thanks, its creator Kohei Horikoshihas shared a new version of the fiery hero in a new play to celebrate the man who seeks to become the new “Symbol of Peace”, as Endeavor He may be at the top of the professional fighters, but the hero has a lot to answer for the horrible deeds he put his family through in trying to forge the next generation of heroes that could dwarf All Might.

With Shouto Todoroki trying to create his own name, Endeavor now faces Shigaraki thanks to the latest adaptation of anime and thanks to the powers All For One gave the villain, it doesn’t look like Enji Todoroki finally has what it takes to burn the young antagonist to ashes.

Kohei Horikoshi, shared this new art before the arrival of a new episode of the anime adaptation, as Endeavor tried to deal with Shigaraki, but slowly began to realize that even without the full power of All For One, the villain was quite a deadly handful.

So while Endeavor has earned his place as the number one hero, his ability to claim the title of “Symbol of Peace” has caused him quite a few headaches, unlike All Might, who routinely entered the battlefield. With a smile on his face, Todoroki can’t seem to catch a break to connect with the crowd, which is a problem Hawks, the current number two, has been able to overcome.